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Intuitive digital signage software

Use Media4Display to remotely broadcast multimedia data in real-time to a network of displays located at various points of sale, offices, terminals, waiting rooms...

Media4Display: digital signage software

With our partner network, we can provide assistance at any level : providing the software, content, players and displays, and also installing, maintaining, and supervising the project.

Along with our carefully selected team of specialized partners, we can provide a highly effective “turnkey” service package to suit any of your business needs :
company  / community / public spaces / points of sale network - offices / university / teaching
Media4Display (Licence or Software as a Service) is like a conductor, orchestrating the harmonious interaction between multiple screens, video walls, kiosks... and displaying the desired media at the appropriate time.


Create - Program

  • Use Media4Display to gather, maintain, and assemble media to be “played” on all your displays.
  • Easy to use! Its ergonomic web interface makes its simple. It’s flexible. Create your messages any time and anywhere with a web browser.

Schedule – Synchronize - Control

  • Media4Display broadcasts from any kind of IP connection: ADSL, XDSL, 3G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet…
  • Your messages are targeted dynamically according to your geographic area, display locations and settings...
  • You have permanent control over your network of displays. You receive an alarm to notify you in the event of an incident.

View - Display

  • Media4Display can manage all types of multimedia content: image, video, streaming, PowerPoint, Flash, HTML, RSS feed…
  • Control all types of screens: plasma, LCD, CRT, video projector…
  • Manage up to 4 displays with 4 different types of content with just 1 player.

Media4Display is sold as either a “classic” (license purchase) model or as a “SaaS” service model.

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89% of consumers respond positively to digital signage at the point of sale.
(Source : KPMG - 2006)

75% of visitors can remember a digital signage.
(Source : Ipsos - 2006)

70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale
(Source : Popai - 2007)

24% average increase in sales during digital signage campaigns.
(Source : Popai - 2007)

Launch of a TV channel for Intermarché Stores

"Media4Display convinced us with its performance and its ability to integrate with data sources that are
specific to each one of our stores. The software was able to integrate our lists and assign product
promotions according to the different store formats. Being able to hand over the management and
control of digital content to our members was decisive in the selection of the software"

Morgan ALLENNOU - Communications Department, Les Mousquetaires Group.

Digital signage and synchronization for the Infiniti "Car Configurator"

“We chose Telelogos as a partner because, in addition to a user-friendly software solution for digital signage - Media4Display - they also guaranteed any updates to the Car Configurator. Data synchronization is now constantly assured, tracked and monitored throughout our network. This allows us to continue to launch new Infiniti Centers with peace of mind”.Stéphane LEROUX - Director of Digital Media Solutions at VIDELIO IEC

Digital signage on campus - control 15 screens

AS24“We chose Media4Display because it perfectly satisfied our needs. In particular, we were able to use existing PC’s as players and we did not have to change the way we work. Furthermore, we were able to enrich our messages with multimedia content and target various programs on campus .” Yannick Roissé - ESSCA Group Audiovisual Manager

Digital signage POS - 150 stores with interactive kiosks

“We chose Media4Display digital signage software because it’s a solution with a robust and evolutionary infrastructure. With the opening of new stores, we needed to be vigilant on the performances and data synchronization of the solution and also in maintaining and administrating the players. This is why, our choice was Media4Display."Denis Binet - IT Director GIFI Group 

Digital signage - touchscreen multimedia terminal - China

“The Smart 4S digital signage project is the first real implementation of an application with an interactive user interface in the automotive industry. It improves the consumers’ experience to a degree which is line the brand positioning and the client segment. The fact that we receive praise from the client when we visit 4S shops is definitely the best proof of the project’s success".Sun Lei - Integration Project Manager

Digital signage amusement and theme parks - restaurant - ticket window

“The Telelogos Media4Display digital signage software appealed to us because it was so easy to use and it has great scheduling features. We can adapt our offering according to the time of days, the weather, supply, etc. We were particularly intrigued by the ability to use a single player (a Windows PC) to broadcast up to four different feeds on four screens. The other solutions on the market would require us to install a player for each screen. By installing "dual-feed" players, we were able to make better use of our budget for investing in players and Media4Display software licenses".Alain Caillé Bichet - Director of Public services for TERRA BOTANICA